Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tours and Festivals: Sunburn tickets go on sale!

Sunburn tickets went on sale Friday... VIP tickets too. Wouldn't say the line up is my cup of tea, though Anil Chawla, Jalebee Cartel, Pearl (she threw down one of the best sets I've heard this year at the Smirnoff Exchange Party), Vachan, Dheeraj Sareen should do the business. Very nice to see GMS back for their second Sunburn appearance, they killed in 2008 and I see them destroying again. If BT drops some sick remix of Fibonacci Sequence, I'd be pretty happy.

Nadia Ali just got confirmed too, and I'm yet to find anyone who doesn't dig her. Loved io's Rapture. Deep Dish GU Moscow was one of my first house CD purchases, in which that tune was very hot for its time. haha Never been a fan of Sultan, but I think it should be very cool to have a live act at the festival, with Nadia on vocals, Sultan and Ned Shepard doing their thing on instruments... saw Ned Shepard DJ here in Bangalore during my blog hiatus, and I must say he did a good job.

Definitely need a few more underground names in there though. Word is spreading that Dave Seaman will be playing at an After Dark night, that should be cool. I agree with friend, mentor and festival director Nikhil Chinapa when he says that Sunburn isn't just about the music, it's about the whole experience, but for some the music is also an important factor and they shouldn't be entirely ignored. As for ticket prices, ummm, no comment really.  I do feel for the people who are really big into the music, but just don't have the means to spend that kind of money on tickets.

What I have a problem with, the wankers who bitch out the line up and the ticket prices, and then start foaming at the mouth for AVB, Tiesto, Deadmau5 and Guetta. Are you fucking serious? I'm under the impression, if you like the DJs mentioned; Ferry Corsten, BT and Axwell, possibly Funkyagenda (though I hope not, DANNY HOWELLS OR LEE BURRIDGE OR ONE OF THE GUYS FROM SOS - my attempt at subliminal campaigning lol) are right up your alley! They're fucking legends in their own right, even if they don't happen to be the flavour of the month. And seriously, count yourself lucky the lot of you got the opportunity to watch AVB and Roger Sanchez at the price that you did last year.

I'll echo Nik and say it really is all about the experience. It's about good music being played through the day, it's about chilling with friends getting progressively plastered in the sand and it's about being surrounded by a very very cool bunch of people who pretty much appreciate all the same things that you do. Not to mention, it's Goa, it's December, it's the beach and delicious food.

PS - There's also a very cool Sunburn Anthem and Video contest, where they are rolling out the red carpet for the winners. A really great opportunity for both emerging producers and VJs from India... you guys have to check it out!   


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