Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kingfisher Ultra launch their talent hunt for your city's favourite DJ!

Kingfisher Ultra (the emperor of good times - I like that switch from king of good times, KF Ultra is a decent beer after all) have launched their DJ talent hunt to choose each city's 'ULTRA DJ'... Basically, they're picking out the best of the best DJs in each of the metros (Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai). It also looks like they're not really interested in the big names, they're looking for someone fresh and new. So if you're a frustrated talented DJ, who hasn't been able to break out in the limelight for whatever reasons, this could be your ticket to hit the big leagues!  Workshops held by world class DJs, possible gig opportunities and much much more!  All the details are on their site... check it out if you're interested!  Registration ends on May 5th, 2010.

To register and learn more about Kingfisher Ultra's Soul Flyp Academy: Click here

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

MIA's (powwa powwa) music video for 'Born Free' is out!

In Pic: MIA

Woot!  She's our favourite renegade from Sri Lanka and I absolutely love her politically charged, dance hall friendly, bass heavy music - Arular and Kala are definitely quintessential albums to have! It's good to see she's finally truly breaking out of the underground and into the mainstream, lol even though a lot has to do with the fact that Slumdog Millionaire made 'Paper Planes' a massive massive tune.

I gotta say, I'm mad excited about her third album announcement (it's slated for June 29th, 2010), was a little worried she had gone into retirement permanently.  Listening to her latest single 'Born Free' it sounds like a ridiculous blend of punk, electro and dub... it's almost as if French electro punkers Justice and Simian Mobile Disco have influenced her.

My recommendation is that you search out her mixed tapes with Diplo... they will not disappoint. I think the stand out mix is called 'Piracy Funds Terrorism.'  From what I gather the format is Diplo plays a pop, disco, dance hall based DJ set over which MIA sings.  There's also a great mix with MIA's prodigy Santogold and Diplo which is a must listen!  Top of my head it's called 'Top Ranking: A Diplo Dub.'  Diplo is the ultimate party DJ... he's use to play under the moniker of 'Hollertronix' with another guy, but from what I know, Diplo is the star.  Extremely extremely talented DJ and producer.  Along the lines of Mark Ronson, if not better.

Let me find out what the distributing guidelines are and see if I can upload you guys both sets in the near future. Hold tight. :)

PSST - Is it M - I - A or mia? Confusion.  Haha I say, M - I - A, cuz it sounds cooler.

REVIEW: So I sat down and gave this video a proper watch. Felt like I was watching part 2 of Prodigy's Smack my Bitch up video. Has that District 9 feel to it. It's following a SWAT team from hell, which shows them basically bust into people's houses and beat the crap out of them with batons.  Nice little break down and well you gotta love those gingers.  Dudes smoking crack, obese people having sex (you see it all lol) and whoah, a kid getting shot in the head and there are a few more brutal surprises at the end. It's powerful and provocative.  And MIA ringing 'I was booooorrn free. I was booooorn free. Born born born born free, born born born freeee' is absolutely sick. Someone needs to loop that vocal and make a techno beast for me. :)  Love the song and I gotta say it's a pretty dope video.  I finally get what last week's South Park episode is all about.  I also think it's quite funny to see how visible those American flags are on the SWAT team's arms.

In Pic: Still from South Park

Did a little research on the director, Romain Gavras... surprise surprise, he's French and he's worked with Justice.

This came out yesterday:

A controversial video for British chart star MIA in which red-haired people are rounded up and executed is proving too hot to handle and has been given an adults-only rating by YouTube. The brutal nine-minute film for her track Born Free features graphic scenes of a child being shot through the head and a man being blown apart in an explosion.  
The video was initially available to be seen by anyone on the video-sharing site, but has now been given an 18-plus age restriction. 
Mercury Music Prize-nominated MIA posted a series of ranting messages on Twitter, initially claiming that her US record company had pulled the video from YouTube. Shortly afterwards she backtracked and said the firm was not to blame. 
The video can still be viewed at her YouTube channel, as well as on her own website. The new video from the confrontational musician - whose Clash-inspired track Paper Planes featured heavily in the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack - shows armed US troops taking ginger-haired children and youths into a desert and attacking them. It is thought to be a parallel with racism. 
A spokesman for YouTube said: "With 24 hours of video uploaded every minute to YouTube, we are unable to comment on specific videos. Our policy is to age-restrict content that has been flagged by the community and identified by our policy enforcement team as content that, while not violating our community guidelines, is not suitable for users under age 18."
Copyright © 2010 The Press Association. All rights reserved.
UPDATE: Well it didn't take too long for the video to be pulled off youtube. :)  You can probably find it on her site - takes a bit of time to load though. ... Alright it's back... hopefully the link below doesn't get 'copyrighted.'

Check out MIA's controversial music video for Born Free: Click here
Follow MIA on Twitter: Click here
Check out MIA's website: Click here

Download Dirty Vegas' January Mixed Tape!

The Submerge gang have put out a free download of Dirty Vegas' January mix, I know it's a bit tedious to register and login onto any site (haha I can't tell you how much 'free' stuff I've forgone, clicking close window the moment a register shows up), but really if you're into Dirty Vegas, then chances are, being affliated  with the Submerge website will only prove beneficial in the long run. Guest lists, free music, you can go on the forum and make fun of Nikhil ;) - but most importantly you'll be in the know in terms of what exactly is happening in the EDM world. For now, register and grab that free Dirty Vegas mix... :)
Download the latest mix by Dirty Vegas: Click here

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Dirty Vegas!

We all know Dirty Vegas. We all know 'Days Go By.' We also know about the (for what it’s worth) funked out Mitsubishi ad that pretty much made the song cult. Lush vocals matched by big beats that leave the listener with a lingering feeling of goose bumps and melancholy. Yet, if you listen to Dirty Vegas carefully, you’ll know they’re not just one hit wonders - they’re up there with electronic music icons such as Fat Boy Slim and Basement Jaxx. Here’s a ‘did you know,’ you probably didn’t know, Dirty Vegas won a Grammy in 2003 for Best Dance Recording. 

The great news is, they're on a three-date tour in our own India, playing in Mumbai (April 30th) @ Blue Frog, Bangalore (May 1st) @ Fuga and Pune (May 2nd) @ Stone Water Grill, courtesy of Submerge.  Honestly, you don’t get too many opportunities to see Grammy winners perform in India, so treat yourself, check out Dirty Vegas while they’re on their India tour.   

 In Pic: Steve Smith

In an exclusive interview with YHIHF, Dirty Vegas’ vocalist Steve Smith tells us about the band and their sound, the impact of ‘Days Go By,’ playing for Obama, music sell cars 101 and a whole lot more… This is a must read for all fans!

Is this your first time playing in India? Is there anything cultural you’d like to experience while you’re in the country?
Yes, this will be my first time in India so I am very very excited by this. I cannot wait to experience some local life with the buildings, markets and food! Oh yes!!! The food!

There are three of you; what roles do you play as members of Dirty Vegas?
We all produce and play instruments; we also delegate certain jobs for each of us to do. One of us will speak to labels, agents, sound engineers etc. We like to do as much as we can ourselves.

Who have been your influences, inside and outside of music?
Wow! For me musically, people like John Lennon, Marvin Gaye, Bono and Pink Floyd. I don’t really get too inspired by people outside of music, but I think Bill Gates is a special person.

In a nutshell, what kind of sound do you think Dirty Vegas represents?  How has it evolved over these years?
The sound of Dirty Vegas has always been from various inspirations, sometimes it doesn’t always work, but making music should always be exciting and adventurous.  Our music has always been connected to clubs, so we hope that that keeps our music current.

The question has to be asked; it’s almost been 8 years since it got released, looking back, what are your thoughts on your massively popular track ‘Days Go By?’ I mean just the sheer commercial power it represented, one which truly touched the masses and which eventually won you guys a Grammy… what does the song mean to you?
The song will always be special to us all. Wherever we have been in the world, people know that song. That is a pretty amazing feeling for 3 guys from the UK. We get asked to have new remixes done for it every year, but we don’t feel it's time yet.

The Mitsubishi ad, your pride and joy or has it come to haunt you?
No not at all! You have to remember that song/video came out in 2001 and nothing really happened. Then we got the Mitsubishi spot and it went global. Mitsubishi sold more cars than they have ever done, and we got a Grammy. So it’s kind of a good story. Now every band/artist wants their songs on ads!

How did the idea behind the funky music video for ‘Days Go By’ come about? It’s very melancholy at the end. Tell us a little bit about the break-dancers featured on it, extremely talented!
The idea came from the video company called Blue Source, and as soon as we read it, we knew it was special. The guy break-dances for his lost love, and the video shows him as a young man and when he’s older.  The younger break-dancer guy was found early in the auditions, but the older guy was only found the day before we shot the video!

There was a 4-year hiatus between 2005 and 2009, where you guys didn’t release too much material… what was going on during this time?
We actually did release quite a lot of music in that time. I released a solo album, scored a great film called ‘boys and girls guide to getting down,’ composed music for FOX USA.  I also featured on a track with DJ Steve Mac that became ‘Essential New Tune’ on Pete Tong Radio 1. Paul released over 15 club tracks, and also had an “Essential New Tune’. Ben continued with his production work and wrote songs for other artists and TV.

What’s it like having your music used in several extremely mainstream TV shows?  It’s a trend from the past decade, where EDM producers are the go to guys when it comes to programming the background scores in television.
It’s now part of the process of breaking new music, when we let ‘Days Go By’ be used for a TV ad, we were criticized, but now that has all changed.

How do your DJ sets differ from your live act set? 
Our DJ sets are made of the music we love by other artists, with some of our own music thrown in. Our ‘live’ shows are where we play only our own songs with live instruments such as guitars, keyboards, drums, percussion and live vocals. 

Dirty Vegas played at the Barack Obama inauguration – what was that like?
It was a pleasure to be asked to play at an official event for such a historic occasion

You are stuck on a deserted island with a life supply of batteries and a boom box, list out 6 life changing must-have albums you’d like to have with you?
  1. Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon
  2. The Verve – Urban Hymns
  3. Innocence – Belief
  4. Air – Moon Safari
  5. Chemical Brothers – Surrender
  6. Sasha – Involver 2

Dirty Vegas’ most sordid concert groupie story – spill the beans! 
We don’t have groupies! 

What advice would you give to budding music producers and DJs in India, what does it take to hit the mainstream and make it big in your industry?
Keep doing what you do and don’t give up. Music has more freedom than ever before!

Where can we preview Dirty Vegas’ latest releases and what’s the best online site to purchase your music? Can you tell us about your latest projects?
We have tracks out on Toolroom records and Harem (DJ Sultan’s label), both of which are on We have our latest DJ Mix Compilation on Stealth Live. The thing we are most pleased about is that we have just finished our new album, which will be out later this year. 

In Pic: Steve Smith

A big thank you to Dirty Vegas for doing YHIHF's exclusive interview! Hope you guys have a wicked awesome time in India! - SG

To RSVP Dirty Vegas' India Tour: Click here
To check out Dirty Vegas' official website: Click here
Discuss Dirty Vegas' India Tour on the Submerge forum: Click here

DJ Inferno playing at B52

Logo Design: Namita Sekhar

So we've got Inferno playing Nightshift this Friday, April 30th and yes, I'm super excited about this one. From what I've seen and heard of him, he's one of the few DJs who is really able to read a crowd and give them what they want.  Sees a bunch of candy ravers - he'll make sure to play some psy, sees a bunch of trendy nerds - he'll make sure to play some minimal techno, sees a bunch of cute girls - and he'll make sure to play some feel good house.  Technically sound, his mixing is mathematical in perfection and his tune selection should go down a storm. He's had residencies across the city (Bangalore), he's regularly gigging around the country and he also got himself a slot at the mighty Sunburn Festival. Bottom line, in Inferno, I trust. Word is we're going to be treated to an Ableton set... can't wait! This is going to be a great prelude to Dirty Vegas on Saturday!

In pic: DJ Inferno (Ashwin Babu Rao)

To join Inferno's Facebook fan page: Click Here
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nightshift@B52 w/ DJ Inferno and Sailen Ghosh; April 30th, 2010

Flyer Design: Nihal Ghosh

ALRIGHT. Let's try that again. Nightshift is back for it's third installment! It's happening this Friday, a day before a huge gig, which all the punters must be wetting themselves over... If you haven't heard already, Dirty Vegas are in India!  And they'll be playing at Fuga this Saturday!

We had hoped to get Rithesh Nayak (click on his name to preview his music) to headline our night, since he's going to be the opening DJ for Dirty Vegas, unfortunately he's made other commitments in Chennai.  More on Mr. Nayak when he actually comes and plays at Nighshift. ;)

Since Azhar Meer (never a trust a man who puts his woman before music... :P) isn't here to help out, I'm thinking the next best thing for you, would be for me to play the first two hours completely on vinyl (we usually use Serato Scratch Live - so we don't have to lug the heavy 12 inches).  My EDM vinyl collection dates back to the early 90s all the way up to 2005 and the record label which I use to spend a lot of money on was 'Nightshift' - a west coast tech house label.  Since the label is in many ways an inspiration for our night at B52, I think why not give the Nighshift@B52 punters a preview of the label that shaped my taste in music. I  hope to see you there!

Note: Maybe, just maybe we'll surprise you with a headlining guest DJ who is a promising talent here in India. *taps fingers on table lightly*  

UPDATE: We do have an extremely talented DJ lined up for this Friday! Inferno!  I've known Inferno for a while now, opened for him awhile back at Sutra... absolute quality.  More details on Inferno in my next blog post! YAY! Headliner!

Back to Dirty Vegas in India - they're on a three date tour, playing in Mumbai (April 30th) @ Blue Frog, Bangalore (May 1st) @ Fuga and Pune (May 2nd) @ Stone Water Grill.  If you don't know who Dirty Vegas are, slap yourself around the head and click here... 

Ahh, have the memories come flooding back.  'Days Go By' is a brilliant, brilliant, tune - that may have got overtly commercialized but is still inherently beautiful.  Here's your chance to watch these guys live.  My favourite EDM organization, Submerge are the primary promoters... check out their forum to see if you can hook up with like-minded people at the Dirty Vegas gigs around the country.  More details on this event to come!  Stay tuned and remember... YHIHF. 

To RSVP Nightshift@B52; Friday, April 30th: Click Here
To RSVP Dirty Vegas in India: Click Here

Monday, April 26, 2010

Nightshift@B52, Bangalore

Flyer Design: Pia Alize Hazarika

I feel like a bit of a sell out shamelessly plugging my night at B52, Bangalore as my first blog post. In fairness to myself, isn't this what this is all about? Self indulgent plugging of one's own opinion and events and such! Well, I hope to make this little site interesting - movie reviews, restaurant and food reviews, talk about music, DJing, sports, TV shows and the likes... but for now since I'm a bit of a noob, thought I'd stick to something that's recent but which I hope grows and grows. Nightshift @ B52 is essentially a night of quality EDM (electronic dance music). None of the commercial shite that plague the clubs.

For the first two hours (8:00PM-10PM), we play deep house into tech house. The goal isn't to get anyone on the dancefloor. But to get them drinking, chatting, head nodding and feet tapping. From (10PM-11:30PM), we like to get as many people as we can on the floor and play out a much tougher sound that is tech house techno with hints of acid and psychedellic. We have no qualms busting out a bit of disco either.

You like your electronic music, give Nightshift at B52 a try... No cover charge, no entry charge, there's no stag discrimination, all are welcome. Plus Happy Hours is on till 10, buy 1 get 1 free, for ladies and gents. Contact me if you need directions... Here are a couple of pics from our first night - courtesy of Rithesh Nayak (brilliant deep house DJ, Bangalore represent!). Here's a bit of a self written review of our night, I, 'Diminished Responsibility,' wrote along with my DJ partner in crime Azhar Meer on the Submerge Forum (which I urge you to join if you're into this music).
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