Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nightshift@B52 w/ DJ Inferno and Sailen Ghosh; April 30th, 2010

Flyer Design: Nihal Ghosh

ALRIGHT. Let's try that again. Nightshift is back for it's third installment! It's happening this Friday, a day before a huge gig, which all the punters must be wetting themselves over... If you haven't heard already, Dirty Vegas are in India!  And they'll be playing at Fuga this Saturday!

We had hoped to get Rithesh Nayak (click on his name to preview his music) to headline our night, since he's going to be the opening DJ for Dirty Vegas, unfortunately he's made other commitments in Chennai.  More on Mr. Nayak when he actually comes and plays at Nighshift. ;)

Since Azhar Meer (never a trust a man who puts his woman before music... :P) isn't here to help out, I'm thinking the next best thing for you, would be for me to play the first two hours completely on vinyl (we usually use Serato Scratch Live - so we don't have to lug the heavy 12 inches).  My EDM vinyl collection dates back to the early 90s all the way up to 2005 and the record label which I use to spend a lot of money on was 'Nightshift' - a west coast tech house label.  Since the label is in many ways an inspiration for our night at B52, I think why not give the Nighshift@B52 punters a preview of the label that shaped my taste in music. I  hope to see you there!

Note: Maybe, just maybe we'll surprise you with a headlining guest DJ who is a promising talent here in India. *taps fingers on table lightly*  

UPDATE: We do have an extremely talented DJ lined up for this Friday! Inferno!  I've known Inferno for a while now, opened for him awhile back at Sutra... absolute quality.  More details on Inferno in my next blog post! YAY! Headliner!

Back to Dirty Vegas in India - they're on a three date tour, playing in Mumbai (April 30th) @ Blue Frog, Bangalore (May 1st) @ Fuga and Pune (May 2nd) @ Stone Water Grill.  If you don't know who Dirty Vegas are, slap yourself around the head and click here... 

Ahh, have the memories come flooding back.  'Days Go By' is a brilliant, brilliant, tune - that may have got overtly commercialized but is still inherently beautiful.  Here's your chance to watch these guys live.  My favourite EDM organization, Submerge are the primary promoters... check out their forum to see if you can hook up with like-minded people at the Dirty Vegas gigs around the country.  More details on this event to come!  Stay tuned and remember... YHIHF. 

To RSVP Nightshift@B52; Friday, April 30th: Click Here
To RSVP Dirty Vegas in India: Click Here

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  1. Want to know the story of india's first female dj, and the history of their success. Thanks for this post, enjoyed the read.


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