Monday, April 26, 2010

Nightshift@B52, Bangalore

Flyer Design: Pia Alize Hazarika

I feel like a bit of a sell out shamelessly plugging my night at B52, Bangalore as my first blog post. In fairness to myself, isn't this what this is all about? Self indulgent plugging of one's own opinion and events and such! Well, I hope to make this little site interesting - movie reviews, restaurant and food reviews, talk about music, DJing, sports, TV shows and the likes... but for now since I'm a bit of a noob, thought I'd stick to something that's recent but which I hope grows and grows. Nightshift @ B52 is essentially a night of quality EDM (electronic dance music). None of the commercial shite that plague the clubs.

For the first two hours (8:00PM-10PM), we play deep house into tech house. The goal isn't to get anyone on the dancefloor. But to get them drinking, chatting, head nodding and feet tapping. From (10PM-11:30PM), we like to get as many people as we can on the floor and play out a much tougher sound that is tech house techno with hints of acid and psychedellic. We have no qualms busting out a bit of disco either.

You like your electronic music, give Nightshift at B52 a try... No cover charge, no entry charge, there's no stag discrimination, all are welcome. Plus Happy Hours is on till 10, buy 1 get 1 free, for ladies and gents. Contact me if you need directions... Here are a couple of pics from our first night - courtesy of Rithesh Nayak (brilliant deep house DJ, Bangalore represent!). Here's a bit of a self written review of our night, I, 'Diminished Responsibility,' wrote along with my DJ partner in crime Azhar Meer on the Submerge Forum (which I urge you to join if you're into this music).


  1. hello,

    This is VinayV from Submerge if you could recollect.sounds like an interesting concept.
    Do other get to do a warmupset sometime! is what i was wondering!

  2. Hey Vinay - we're totally up for others doing warm up sets, as long as it matches the kind of sound we're trying to give exposure. :) We had Inferno headlining a couple weeks back and we're thinking about a few more in the future.

  3. Oh thats nice. I play Deep house and tribal house let me know if you could fit me in a warm up slot some time :)


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