Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kingfisher Ultra launch their talent hunt for your city's favourite DJ!

Kingfisher Ultra (the emperor of good times - I like that switch from king of good times, KF Ultra is a decent beer after all) have launched their DJ talent hunt to choose each city's 'ULTRA DJ'... Basically, they're picking out the best of the best DJs in each of the metros (Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai). It also looks like they're not really interested in the big names, they're looking for someone fresh and new. So if you're a frustrated talented DJ, who hasn't been able to break out in the limelight for whatever reasons, this could be your ticket to hit the big leagues!  Workshops held by world class DJs, possible gig opportunities and much much more!  All the details are on their site... check it out if you're interested!  Registration ends on May 5th, 2010.

To register and learn more about Kingfisher Ultra's Soul Flyp Academy: Click here

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