Friday, June 25, 2010

Bangalore Events: Submerge presents Vachan Chinnappa (DOWNLOAD his latest mix!)

It's been a while since I've given a healthy endorsement to a Banglore event and I couldn't think of a more perfect event to endorse than the cult Submerge Sundays @ Fuga (June 27th, 2010). The x factor this week? Vachan Chinnappa. He's the Bacchus music director and resident, he's been working the Bangalore circuit for well over a decade (maybe even two?) and if I'm being perfectly honest, he's nothing short of a legend. Without fail this man has destroyed my legs each and every time. He's the kind of DJ you catch and then end up having mad cramps the next morning from going beserk.

I kinda want to interview the man and do a proper profile, so I'll hold on all the descriptors for another time. Instead I'll urge you to make it on Sunday for his auricular assault. Chances are you're going to be taken by complete surprise by his programming. Expect a twisted variety of minimal, tech house, TECHNO and I'm talking about 'real' TECHNO. Maybe even a little Drum n Bass and nutty breakbeat as well. Submerge have described him as an 'Electronic God from Bangalore.' Here, here, I say. Hope to see all the YHIHF homies there... it's going to be intense.

Oh, I'm adding a download link to his latest techno mix. DO IT!

RSVP Submerge Sunday @ Fuga w/ Vachan Chinnappa, June 27th, 2010: Click here
Download Vachan Chinnappa's latest mixed set: Click here

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