Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Giveaway: Win a Paani Puri T-Shirt!

So if you've been following YHIHF regularly, you would have come across my interview with Rish Oberoi, CEO of Paani Puri Clothing. If you haven't then take a look right here! (click)

Well, we have two Puri t-shirts (thanks a ton Rish!) up for grabs for two lucky YHIHF readers... Here's what's on offer:

I know you're feeling the Andy Warhol vibe and the mangled smilie is class too - so why don't you participate and it could be yours! 


  1. Follow Paani Puri on Twitter - CLICK HERE
  2. Follow YHIHF (left hand side of the blog, right under the fish) with a Google or Twitter account
  3. Visit the Paani Puri website and email me (, subject line should read 'PURI/YHIHF Competition' with the answer to this question: Paani Puri (online) is on sale right now, how much is a Paani Puri t-shirt?

PS - Don't forget to send me your mailing address, phone number and size/choice of t-shirt you'd like to win in the email! Winners will be announced in a week!

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