Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bangalore Events: B52 presents NIGHTSHIFT w/ Sailen Ghosh, July 10th

Flyer Design: Pia Alize Hazarika (click image to enlarge)

Yay! Nighshift @ B52 is back... if you were there last time, you must have witnessed the laptop meltdown (keep your drinks away from the DJ console peeps, haha can't say that enough) right at the peak of our set. Well, let's just say, the laptop is one piece, my digital crates are in one piece and I'm ready to bring the house down. Unfortunately, Azhar is in Udupi,  he's taking a bit of a breather in his hometown (dude has earned it ;)), so I'll be playing out the whole night. Bit of a challenge, but I'm really looking forward to it. We've been working our asses off on our promos as well, fingers crossed it will be up for your listening pleasure in exactly two weeks. 

Directions to B52: Get on to Inner Ring Road heading into Koramangala, pass the Oasis Mall/Sony World traffic light, it's the fourth building on your left towards the BDA complex, it's the floor above Ambrosia. Valet service is available so don't trip about parking.

We've also tied up with a promoter, Subeesh Zeni, so if you have any inquiries, make sure to contact him at 9886122458.

One more thing, our in house flyer artiste Pia, has put up some really dope artwork on her blog... Check it out! 

RSVP B52 presents Nightshift w/ Sailen Ghosh, July 10th, 2010: Click here
Join the B52 network on Facebook: Click here
Check out Zeni Entertainments on Facebook: Click here


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