Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bangalore Events: Black Cascade presents Nightshift w/ Sailen & Azhar

Flyer Design: Pia Alize Hazarika

So it's kinda cool we've blagged a gig in a new venue... big sound system, warm wooden dance floor, really cushy seating area and ridiculous lighting. Very happy to be playing our first gig in Black Cascade. It's on a Sunday too, which is another first for us, so we're looking for a chiller vibe. Maybe you'll be reeling for more after the Nick Warren gig on Saturday - so we can bang it out a bit. 

After a harrowing experience playing to a bunch of teenyboppers last week, it'll be a relief to have Azhar with me keeping control of things. haha. By 'things,' I mean we're not fucking playing Akon or David Guetta. Anyways, I understand it is a bit of a bitch to walk through a mall when you're looking to party, but once you make it inside Black Cascade, it'll make sense. Drop on by this Sunday and get a few drinks in you... it should be a good night. :)

PS - How dope is that flyer? Star Wars stripper bitch. *insert pervy light saber punch line*

Directions: Old Airport Road, Total Mall, 1st Floor.

RSVP Black Cascade presents Nightshift w/ Sailen & Azhar, Sunday, June 18th: Click here


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