Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tours and Festivals: Ciroc presents Nick Warren (India Tour)

We've got a big two weeks lined up for us on the DJ front - Bristol's proghouse legend Nick Warren is doing a three city tour THIS week! It's a bit late and hardly 'youhearditherefirst,' but for God's sake, don't miss Nick Warren. For once I can say, haven't actually heard him live yet. Got rejected by a cowboy bouncer for being underage, the one time I tried. I do have all his Global Underground mixes (it's all about his Amsterdam mix) and a ton of his live sets and they're stellar, proper journey music. Not to mention, his production outfit with Jody Wisternoff as Way Out West is considered the genre's finest production act. It's a pity they're not coming as WOW, but from the many many reviews I've read, Nick is an absolutely devastating DJ. Got to interact with him once in a while, on the GU forum when it was actually worth visiting - great sense of humour. Let's be fair, he's an old school legend who is very much sitting with the likes of Sasha and Digweed as a pioneer in all things progressive - I repeat, do not miss this!

Blue Frog, Mumbai, July 15th
FBar, Delhi, July 16th
Pebbles, Bangalore, July 17th

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Buy tickets online for the Nick Warren event in Blue Frog, Mumbai: Click here

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  1. I always enjoy in DJ shows. In this shows definitely we all enjoy by dancing...


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