Monday, May 24, 2010

Blog Review: You Can Call Me Pelski - Pelski? Who the fuck is Pelski?

It would be totally unfair of me if I didn't do this little review on what is definitely THE dopest blog I've come across since I've joined the blogosphere.  Considering it has kept me up all night, providing me with one beast of a tune after the other, as well as with humourous and descriptive writing - I'm thinking you're going to dig this.  You Can Call Me Pelski is everything I want my blog to be and more.  Besides the very user friendly funky interface, what first caught my eye, or rather ear, was the quality control that goes behind all the music they have on offer.  It really is the best of the best in underground music.  Their mantra goes something like this:
The genre is already dispersed and scrutinized by vast throngs of scenester bloggers. The difference with this blog? I will only post the best music - none of the 'throw-away' fashionista rubbish clogging up so many blogs.
In Pic: Pelski

In Pic: Darkly

Run by two UK based hipsters, 'Pelski' and Charles Darkly... if you love your music, you'll love this blog. Read their content, listen to their music and you'll know these guys know their shit.  They talk music (techhouse, 'real' electro, dubstep, minimal, maximal, indie and pretty much every other underground genre under the sun), record labels, music festivals, UG trends and much more.  The 'Pelski Highly Recommends' have yet to disappoint. So many wicked tunes and such great content on this website, I thought I'd make your lives a little easier and guide you to a couple of the gems I found (was talking about Diplo a month back, his tunes were the definite highlights):

Check out YOU CAN CALL ME PELSKI: Click here
Download the Diplo tunes on offer at You Can Call Me Pelski: Click here
Check out Pelski's review of the 2008 Gatecrasher festival w/ Chromeo and Boys Noize remixes: Click here
Check out Charles Darkly's "I <3 NYC" post: Click here


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