Friday, May 28, 2010

Guest List Giveaway/Bangalore Events: Sunburn presents Paolo Mojo

Flyer: Paolo Mojo @ Pebbles, Bangalore

The very kind people at Submerge and PDM are giving four YHIHF readers a chance to blag themselves a spot on the guest list for the Paolo Mojo event @ Pebbles, Bangalore.  Already talked about how sick this line up is, the kids want techno and it looks like they're going to get a healthy dose of it at Pebbles this Sunday. Not to mention, Mr. Submerge and the Sunburn Festival's wizard behind the curtain, Nikhil Chinapa, has just got back from his Euro trip and I have a feeling he's going to be unleashing a whole set of fresh thumpers on us. You gotta appreciate his eclecticism when he gets behind the decks, he really wants to see everyone happy. It's a bit sad that Pearl isn't playing in Bangalore, but with Arjun Vagale, Vachan and Inferno on warm up duties, I think we're in ridiculously talented hands. Need I remind you the main attraction Paolo Mojo, is going to have you dancing your asses off to absolutely quality music.

Vinod: 4 - 5.15
Inferno: 5.15 - 6.30
Arjun Vagale: 6.30 - 8
Paolo Mojo: 8 - 10
Vachan: 10 - 11.30

1. First 100 Girls Enter Free
2. Rs 600/Couple Until 6 PM
3. Rs 900/Couple 6PM - 830PM
4. After 8.30 PM Sunburn reserves the right to raise prices upto Rs 1500/Couple
5. STAGS Rs 900 or the reserved price.. Whichever is higher.

Looks like Nik's not playing and just hosting, pity.  Vachan closing and Paolo playing a little early is an inspired decision, considering Bangalore's local laws and the sound these two DJs play. - SG

Making this really simple. I'll be picking out 4 lucky winners to get on the exclusive Sunburn/PDM Guest List for Paolo Mojo @ Pebbles, Bangalore, May 30th, 2010. This won't take you more than two minutes.

  • Become a YHIHF Homie (follow my blog with your Twitter, Facebook or Google accounts - you can find the 'yhihf homies' box on the left hand side of this blog)
  • Email me ( with one line about why you want to watch Paolo Mojo in action at Pebbles, along with the name of Paolo's record label. 
A) Osho
B) Oosh
C) OshKosh

  • Please make sure to add 'Guest List Giveaway - Paolo Mojo' in your subject.  If you don't, I'll just delete your email.
  • Please make sure to add your telephone number (required) and mailing address (optional) with your email for verification.  I'll need your mailing address because in the long run, I plan to send 'yhihf homies' exclusive goodies.
  • The four winners are granted single entry only (BUT - this means stag winners won't have any issues getting in) and will be announced on YHIHF, Saturday, May 29th (I'll email you guys with a confirmation, as well).
Here are the YHIHF winners (phone numbers ending w/) and their answers:
Robert V Patrick- 614 - Paolo Mojo simply put is one of the best djs/producers out there, ive been waiting years to see this guy live. Please make this happen. His record label is  - Oosh.
Aarav Bajaj - 177 - Pebble will have the pleasure of one sick party animal unleashing his vibes and tearing up the scene. Too much? ;) I'm going to make the floor is going to be an EPIC MESS. I got my mojo on for Sunday at Pebble! Yeah baby, can't wait. See you there!PAOLO'S RECORD LABEL: B) Oosh
MD Fuzail - 170 - I wanna watch Paolo Mojo because of this ---> Click here! - to see him belt 1983.
Record label : Oosh 
SURAJ SINGH - 761 - I've been a huge fan of sunburn!! wow what an event that was to see myself partying @ pebbles with SULTAN! Amazing to listen his progressive tunes!! Love Sunburn!! So its that i dooooooonnnntttt want to miss this event!! i hope i win this contest n u'll help me in winning this!! And the answer for this blog is B) OOSH records which his latest tracks like VOYAGER came out!! 

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  1. i so want to attend this one, but will not be able to make it as i am travelling, i am gutted:(.. have a good one guys..

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