Thursday, May 6, 2010


Event flyer: BURN Tour w/ Sasha

In Pic: Sasha & Lee Burridge, Foundacion, LA

Sasha will be playing in Bangalore, Friday, May 7th 2010 at E-Zone. Can't begin to explain how excited I am about this event. Sasha is without a doubt one of my all time favourite DJs.  He changed my life.  I've even told him, he's changed my life.  Just got a shy smile in return. It all started during his Airdrawndagger tour, he had just released his much anticipated album (took 5 years in the making) and he was playing on a Wednesday, while I was studying in Orange County, California.  My friend, asks me, "Are we going to Sasha?" And like a complete rookie, I reply, "Man, I have classes really early tomorrow.  I'll never wake up." He quickly gives me a glare and says, "But it's Sasha, man."  Couldn't say no and to be honest I haven't looked back since.  Every single time 'The Man Like' played in LA from then on, I made sure to catch him live.  I've seen him on vinyl, I've seen him on CDJs and I've seen him on Ableton.  Been to every single one of his Foundacion nights in LA back in 2005, where he brought down a guest DJ to play with him.  The night pictured above was my second favourite, where he played with legend Lee Burridge.  The picture below and please take note of how happy I am (my friend Shah in the background, looking completely bedazzled over the tunes he was listening to)... was taken on my best Sasha night ever - his last Foundacion night where he played with Desyn Masiello.

In Pic: One of my all time fav pics of Sasha taken by my friend Deniz,
Sasha on Ableton, Burridge on the decks, pure magic baby.

In Pic: Ashwin, Deniz, Sailen, Shah (wtf is he playing?)

Anyways guys, less talk from me and more about the competition.  I've got 5 exclusive invites to the Sasha gig in Bangalore courtesy of the very kind people at Fountainhead.  I just met up with the organizers and had a quick peek at the venue and holy fuck is this going to be huge.  I've been seeing Sasha tweet about his visual set up being mind blowing and by the sound of it, they're setting it up in Bangalore.  More to the point, Sasha seems to be back on fire, playing a much harder euphoric sound than before.  I'm so excited, I've got butterflies.  It's been 5 years since I've seen him play and even though this is just going to be a two hour set, I'm still really really looking forward to this.

Making the competition easy, giving away exclusive invites to the first 5 YHIHF readers to comment under this blog post with an answer to this question: Name the Sasha album that contains these three songs, Wavy Gravy, Bloodlock and Fundamental? 

This is easily one of my most favourite albums... I always ask the people who I interview to name a few of their life changing albums... for me this would be on top of my list.  You must listen to it.  

  • All Sasha BURN! Tour invites which have been won will have to be picked up at Nightshift 4 @ B52.
  • We have a few extra left over, Azhar and I will be handing them out at Nightshift 4.  So make sure to be there if you wanna blag yourself a very exclusive invite to Sasha's night in Bangalore.
  • THE SASHA INVITES ARE COUPLE ONLY! STAGS CAN'T USE THESE INVITES. Please don't get in touch with us if you attempt to enter Sasha party as a Stag with the winning tickets.  I'm sorry guys, rules are rules, let me remind you, if you're a stag you're more than welcome to show up at Nightshift.
Follow Sasha on Twitter: Click here
All the details on the Sasha BURN Tour: Click here
Check out Sasha's website: Click here


  1. Sasha - Airdrawndagger it is!

  2. 1. After last night Sasha, Burn, goatee dude and F. bar can eat a dick.
    2. Say-lin - you look like that dude from pokemon! Hahahahahaha


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