Wednesday, May 5, 2010

TICKET GIVEAWAY: SMIRNOFF EXPERIENCE 2010 w/ Cosmic Gate @ E-Zone, Bangalore

In Pic: Event flyer for Cosmic Gate @ Ezone

We have a handful of COUPLE passes to give away for the Smirnoff Experience with Cosmic Gate (May 9th, 2010, Bangalore@E-ZONE) event courtesy of the very very kind people at Submerge and Smirnoff... Azhar and I thought we'd have a little fun on the internet as well as at Nightshift@B52 this Thursday to give away these passes. We're running multiple competitions across the web, at Nightshift and right here as well. READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS CAREFULLY.

Be the first 10 people to visit the Submerge Forum and check out the Smirnoff Experience section... That's it? Balls. Get into the Cosmic Gate thread labeled: Cosmic Gate Live @ E-Zone - Bengaluru - 9th May 2010. Post exactly why you want to watch Cosmic Gate at E-Zone, and sign off with the CODEWORD: NIGHTSHIFT at the end of your reason. Guys, don't bother cheating by creating multiple IDs on the forum, I'm going to expect a different phone number and email details for each post. Also the Moderators on the Forum can easily do an IP check on you and make a fool of your ass. And let me tell  you, the Submerge Mods are hardcore. So don't bother. 10 PEOPLE = 10 COUPLE PASSES 

Be the first 5 people to RSVP the Nightshift 4 event at B52 on Facebook and write on the event wall "I <3 SUBMERGE, I <3 COSMIC GATE, I <3 NIGHTSHIFT" RSVPing means you have to be there at Nighshift 4 at B52 to pick up your passes.  You flake on Nightshift, we flake on the Cosmic Gate passes. You'll get your passes at the end of the night. - 5 PEOPLE = 5 COUPLE PASSES

Be the first 5 people to 'follow' (left hand column, the box under the You Tube Videos and above BBC Breaking News) 'You Heard It Here First' and comment under this blog with "I <3 SUBMERGE, I <3 COSMIC GATE, I <3 NIGHTSHIFT." It be nice if you followed this website with your Twitter or Google account. :) 5 PEOPLE = 5 COUPLE PASSES

The first 5 people to come to Nighshift 4 at B52 and tell Azhar or myself, "You Heard It Here First. Now give me my Cosmic Gate pass." Now guys, don't be dicks and start screaming that shit to us while we're DJing, it be nice if you approached the guy who's just chilling. Let's be civil here peeps. - Since it's Azhar and myself, that's 5 passes each. 10 PEOPLE = 10 COUPLE PASSES

B52 are giving away 5 passes to the winner with the biggest bill on Nighshift 4. We suggest you try out their bar foods; threaded chicken and the calamari, yummy Smirnoff shooters and cocktails as well. You heard it here first. 1 PERSON = 5 COUPLE PASSES

Azhar and I are also keeping aside a few extra passes for the Nightshift party animals who bring real positive vibes to our event.  Smile a lot, dance a lot, just show up and have a good time... and you could win a pass out of the blue. :) Knowing Az though, he'll probably just hand them out to the hottest women. We'll try to be gentlemen about it.

  • One competition per winner (i.e. You can't go on the Submerge forum and the FB event page wall. You win one competition, you win one couple pass, please be content).  
  • You can however win Competition #5 (the biggest bill @ B52) along with one other competition, leaving you with a chance of winning 6 couple passes in total.
  • Competitions 1, 2 and 3 close at 5PM (IST) on Thursday, May 6th, 2010. 
  • All Smirnoff Experience Cosmic Gate passes which have been won will have to be picked up at Nightshift 4 @ B52.
  • ALL PASSES ARE COUPLE ONLY! STAGS CAN'T USE THESE PASSES. Please don't get in touch with us if you attempt to enter the Smirnoff Party as a Stag with the winning tickets.  I'm sorry guys, rules are rules, let me remind you, if you're a stag you're more than welcome to show up at Nightshift.
Check out the Smirnoff Experience website: Click here
Learn more about the Smirnoff Experience Cosmic Gate event: Click here



  2. Sunil my man! Thank you for participating in the contest.. :)

    Will have your pass read and waiting at NIGHTSHIFT 4@B52.

    Tell your friends about the competition so you can go to Cosmic Gate with a big gang for free. :)

  3. Sailen Thanks Mate,, Much Appreciated :-), Sure thing the whole gang will be at CG, and will tell them also for some free passes ;)

  4. Sorry guys coudnt make it up yesterday caught up with work, gutted tht i coudnt have the passes, But happy i got a promotion :), hope to get some passes from somewher;)

  5. Sunil - I can keep your pass aside, give me a shout out, maybe we can meet at the venue? Or you can pick them up from my place? You tell me. :)

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