Friday, May 28, 2010

MIA pulls a quick one on NYT - Twitter, weapon of choice!

Photo Source: Ryan McGinley for The New York Times

I'm not one to write newsie type blog posts, but I found this hilarious.  The New York Times recently put up MIA as their cover story and wrote about her in bad light - questioning her lifestyle, her ties with terrorists and such.  MIA responded to the article by going on Twitter and posting the reporter's phone number with this message: 

917.834.3158 CALL ME IF YOU WANNA TALK TO ME ABOUT THE N Y T TRUTH ISSUE, ill b taking calls all day bitches ;)
The Paper Planes artist is a very angry woman.  I can see where she's coming from, though.  Twitter man, it's revolutionizing the way we can express our selves and connect. haha.  Way to go to celebs who fight back, it's always great to see the drama unfold on Twitter.  Think we've all learned one lesson from this, don't fuck with MIA.  In fairness though, this reporter has become world famous now and her accusatory article on MIA probably got more hits than she could dream off.  MIA is going to be posting an unedited version of the article soon.  Let's how that goes. Bit irritating to have to change your number though, aye? The reporter was quoted saying:
"It's a fairly unethical thing to do, but I don't think it's surprising. She's a provocateur, and provocateurs want to be provocative."
It would be a shame if this turns into some marketing gimmick nonsense for her new album though. - SG

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