Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bangalore Events: Black Cascade presents Nightshift w/ Sailen & Azhar

Flyer Design: Pia Alize Hazarika

So we just played the iDANCE 2010 and the next night we did our first Submerge Sunday gig at Fuga opening for Vachan. Good times. Surreal times. But we're lapping it up. I was reminded that playing a Submerge gig means you're golden... and it really does.  

We've got a gig tomorrow at Black Cascade, gotta say, I love the sound system there. It's a great space, lots of seating, good food... you should come on over. It'll be nice to play out an extended deep house set, but I'm sure we'll get to a harder space towards the end.

RSVP Nightshift @ Black Cascade w/ Sailen & Azhar, August 20th: Click here


  1. Sean when you going to put up the sets for download? Looking forward to those :)

  2. We did about three days worth of programming, but never got around to putting it together. Proper slackers we are Nan! We just got news that we'll be doing a set for Submerge Radio soon, so you'll be the first person we send it to once it gets done. :D We really should get down and record a live set soon too... nervous. :P

  3. *Happy happy* You both sure do deserve it and everything else coming your way :D Well press that darn 'record' button soon :D


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