Thursday, August 19, 2010

Burn & MTV present The Ultimate DJ Championship 2010 - A Submerge Property

After the complete fail that was the Kingfisher Flyp DJ Academy, I'm a little bit weary about DJ competitions.  However, this seems to be the real deal. Usually when Submerge are connected to these kinds of initiatives, it means it's going to be done right. A part of me wants to do this, all gung ho and shit, but unfortunately, fortunately, however you want to look at it, I'm employed and I'm loving it, drowning in work and couldn't be happier. Let's see though... :) 

Nikhil Chinapa teased this on the Submerge Forum and it was pretty cool to see how the idea developed into this massive monster. The winner earns himself a year long residency as a Submerge DJ - that will obviously mean multiple cities, the lucky bastard. haha, Well hardly lucky, because whoever it is, they're going to have to earn it. The winner also gets money - gets paid, a slot at a UK festival (that's fucking huge!) and professional DJ gear too. Might be Pioneer stuff, I'm not really sure on that though.

This is big and if interested, the best place to follow up on the rules, deadline dates, if you have questions for Nikhil or Submerge admin Tuhin Mehta, then I'd suggest you sign up now and get on that Submerge forum.  They've been promoting this on Twitter and there's quite a bit of interest in it.

Check out all the details on Burn & MTV's The Ultimate DJ Championship 2010 (A Submerge Property): Click here
Check out the official website for the Ultimate DJ Championship: Click here


  1. yay! guess who designed the website :)

  2. Oh nice won Namita! :D What's the link to the website? Couldn't find it anywhere. Did you do the flyer as well? Doesn't really look like your work though. Clue me in and I'll give you credit. :)

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