Friday, August 13, 2010

Festival: iDANCE 2010 w/ Ma Faiza, Jalebee Cartel, Vachan, Sailen & Azhar, Praveen, Yash

Words can't express how excited I am about this festival.  Forget that the Nightshift boys are playing a slot, just look at how insane that line up is. This isn't cheesy shit, not one fucking hint of cheddar. This is just grimy good. One of my most favourite DJs is playing - Vachan (madness at the Ned Shepard gig) and we're finally getting to see a couple of different Jalebees behind the decks. It's always a pleasure to catch Jalebee Cartel's Arjun Vagale (click for the YHIHF interview) do his DJ sets, but not many of us in Bangalore get the opportunity to catch Ash and Ashvin do the DJing thing, so really can't wait to hear them play. Heard only stellar reports about Ash's set when he opened for Sasha in Blue Frog. What's really special, the dutchess of psy Ma Faiza is headlining the event as well - I got to catch her set at the Sunburn 2008 festival, and it was one beastly tune after the other. The SF Show's Praveen Achary is also playing, he just got voted frisky's artist of the week and put up a set, which was awesome, will be posting it here next. I haven't been to the venue, but I hear really really good things about Clarks, it's pretty much a holiday resort and we'll be playing pool side.  The organizers at Overture keep reminding us to bring swimming gear... hahaha.

So yeah, GET THE FUCK IN!  It's happening this Saturday, August 14th and I hope to see you all there.

RSVP iDANCE 2010 @ Clarks Exotica, New Airport Road, Saturday August 14th: Click here

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