Friday, August 20, 2010

Downloads: Lopan's (AKA Nick Jamieson) Latest Mix

My home boy in Australia Nick Jamieson just did a dirty disco mix - as usual good shit... If you like make sure to listen to his mix with ADD. Party like it's 1999? haha sorry.

1. Kolombo - Come Closer 
2. KZA - Unfaithful (Fernando Remix Version 1) 
3. Diamond Lights Feat. Amy B - Disco Dancer (Monday Dub) 
4. Roland Schwarz - Step In (Faze Action Dub) 
5. Franc Spangler - Forever and a Day 
6. The Revenge - Forever In Their Debt 
7. Cole Medina - Do What You Like (Cole's OG Mix) 
8. Rick Wilhite - Drum Patterns and Memories (Moodyman's Unreleased Remix) 
9. Flatwound - Tickle Me Disco

Download Lopan's latest mix: Click here

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